PeteHome offers
instant response,
Day or Night.
Any gate anytime!

PETEHOME - When every second counts. Allowing Police and Emergency Service Professionals immediate access to individuals in need.

PETEHOME an acronym for Police Emergency Telephone Entry Home Owners Mobile Entry is an automated Vehicular & Pedestrian Access Control system for Gated communities, parking garages, parking lots, home garage doors, etc

For Police & Emergency Services

PETEHOME is an immediate solution. No longer will you wait at a gate for access into a gated community. Nor will you have to exit the vehicle to turn a key. The gate will be open before you even get there. You'll never have to return to the gate because someone failed to unlock it.

For Community Managers

Take back control of your communities gates with the power of PETEHOME! No longer will your gates be stuck open, locked open, or broken without you knowing the reason. Easily and quickly reset the gates without incurring the costs of a service truck roll. Remotely view the gates and reset them from literally anywhere.


When a Resident calls for help PETEHOME springs into action !

Your gate will open prior to or immediately upon the arrival of Police or Emergency Responders. Allowing them access through the gates without losing precious seconds.

A brief about PETEHOME

Seconds matter, response time is everything in an emergency. No longer will Police, Fire or Emergency services be delayed for a single second while attempting to enter your communities gates. With PETEHOME the gates will already be open when they arrive allowing immediate access, in and out.

  •  Police and EMS services have unfettered 24/7 access to your community.
  •  Never again will your gates stay locked open after EMS responders leave.
  •  Take back control of your community gates with the power of PETEHOME.